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What Hair Color Looks Best On Me

What Hair Color Looks Best On Me. Brown, black, blond or red, or even red ? Well sometimes choosing the best hair color feels difficult because of  the choice and palette of color shades are endless. There are few quick tips and thinks which must be considered for choosing the best hair color:

  • It is important that the color of your hair is in harmony with your complexion and the color of your eyes. 
  • The choice of dye color for our hair varies according to fashion, our moods and our desires for change.
  • Choose your hair color according to your makeup.
  • You can also give a chance to fashion trending Hair Color(s).
  • If you were a season, would you rather be spring, summer, fall or winter?
  • In terms of hair color change, proceed in stages, otherwise, the look will quickly look artificial .

What Hair Color Looks Best On Me According to Complexion

Whether our complexion is pale, pink, orange, medium, dark, matte or otherwise, it will largely influence our decision when it comes time to choose a hair dye.

Some rules to follow:

  • The more pale our complexion is , the less we should opt for a dark color. It is not impossible, but the effect clearly announces that it is not natural.
  • In contrast, the blonde does not usually go very well to those who have a dark complexion .
  • It is not recommended to choose a shade too close to that of your skin, because the demarcation between the skin and the hair will be too blurry, which will reduce the overall effect.

What Hair Color Looks Best On Me According to Eye’s Color

Our eyes are often considered as the major asset of our face, so it is important to take into account when changing colors.

Blue or green eyes

Blue eyes and green eyes are the most likely to bring out a mop of red hair.

Clear blue eyes

Very light blue eyes manage to give a punch to a hazel hair.

Hair Color Eye Match (1)

Brown eyes

Brown eyes may go unnoticed if they are arranged with too dark hair or too much color. We therefore prefer warm colors such as caramel, a light brown or a shade reminiscent of whiskey.

Choose your hair color according to your makeup

A new bold dye color might require us to further accentuate our makeup . If one is the type to put only a little mascara and gloss in the morning, it would be better to avoid.

Some facts:

  • Our makeup palette will change according to the dye color we choose for our hair. It is therefore important to make a double change for the effect to be really successful.
  • Three aspects not to neglect for a successful colorful transformation: our eyes, our cheeks and our lips.
  • During the first days of our transformation, we examine our complexion to adjust the new layout as needed.


Following are the some famous hair colors Pros and cons, these also help you in choosing “What Hair Color Looks Best On Me “:

Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair will usually give you a touch of freshness and youth. If you switch your natural color from brown to blonde , there should not be any problems. However, if you have very dark or already colored hair, we advise you to proceed in several steps.
blonde Hair Color Features
The advantage with the blond:
  • You will always be in the trend, because virtually all shades of blonde, whether dark, platinum, honey to light blond white, still count among the trends of hair colors.
  • In addition, all blonde shades go well with short hair than long hair .
  • The blonde is however not recommended for dark complexion and green or brown eyes, the blond hair is likely to appear artificial (on the other hand, these types are perfect for brown or red colors).


Brown is trending color. Intense color without being rowdy, the brown is a faithful companion which highlights a beautiful complexion and beautiful eyes. It’s one of the most diverse colors, and with its palette of chocolate brown, golden brown, chestnut, caramel, brown-red, the list is endless. In addition, brown hair goes with almost all skin types. With clear skin , we recommend warmer tones, such as golden brown.
Skins with freckles and light eyes should opt for shades not darker than chestnut. The long brown hair with a lot of volume is particularly beautiful.

Black Hair Color is Best !

Black is the top trend color of winter 2015 & 2016, and for good reason: well done, a black color immediately gives any type of skin a touch of elegance , whether your hair is short or long. Black is also among hair colors that blend easily with other accents or shades. So if you want to change, we recommend the keys of red or copper, which marry very well with black.

Red & other Exotic Color

If you want to exotic, red is the ideal hair color to start. If these shades seem too exaggerated but you still want to display the color, we recommend the dip dye . This technique consists of coloring only the lower part of the hair, at mid-length or only the tips. With black hair, the red tips are particularly beautiful!
To try the dip dye, however, you must really know about coloring or consider a session at the hairdresser, because it requires a certain technique of hair coloring.
It may happen that the dye-house also reserves disappointments , if for example the colors do not match what we had imagined or if the color is not distributed evenly . These are most often easy to avoid errors .

The Right Way to Apply the Hair Color:

For attractive and good look it is important that you apply the hair color correctly. In theory, it is easy to color your hair, but in practice the result is often very different from what we imagined. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you get a hair color
  • Many tend to estimate their hair color darker than they actually are. Determine the color of your hair by accurately comparing your hair with the color chart on the package.
  • Use a colored brush and apply the color on the hair immediately after mixing, otherwise you may have irregularities.
  • For changes in style and type (more than three shades), make an appointment with your hairdresser, because a bad technique can quickly damage your hair, or ex. a blond can quickly turn orange-red or even red.
  • If you are coloring the roots, apply the color on the lengths for the last 12 minutes only.
And our last tip to close the chapter on hair color:
Never color your blond, red, brown or black with chemical dyes after using a natural dyeIn this case, we advise you to wait until the natural color has been removed by washing.

There are some online simulators or mobile apps available where you can check your self before applying any hair color. These apps can give you a closer idea how you look like after the hair color. So you can also check these application on your app store. That it from me, please put your thoughts and experience in the comments. Thank you for visiting here,,!

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