How to Treat Dry Cracked Feet Home remedies

How to Treat Dry Cracked Feet Home remedies

Dry and rough feet, which have heel cracks, are a common problem for all ages. This article is about the “How to Treat Dry Cracked Feet”. We will share some of the most amazing trick for the Dry feet.

Common causes for dry feet

There are several causes for this condition that go beyond the hereditary issue. See some:

  • Poor nutrition and lack of hydration in the body.
  • Live in a very dry climate.
  • Take very hot and time consuming baths.
  • Always walk barefoot, only with open sandals or very tight shoes.
  • Vascular problems and obesity.
  • Diseases such as psoriasis and mycoses.

Consequences of non-treatment

If cracks become too exposed they can flake off, cause bleeding, and become a gateway for infections in the body. So keep an eye out. If the problem persists, you should see a doctor. Dryness of the feet may be a symptom of diseases such as hypothyroidism or diabetes, which can be diagnosed with the help of a health professional.

How to prevent dryness of the feet

Following some prevention regimens is essential to keep your feet always soft. Check out:

  • Always wash your feet well, dry thoroughly after bathing, exfoliate the heel and moisturize your feet.
  • Increase your water intake and decrease your intake of coffee and alcohol that accelerate dehydration.
  • Avoid long, hot baths. Avoid spending too much time in pools as chlorine aggravates the situation.
  • Wear comfortable, protective heel shoes. Do not always wear socks, it is important to let your feet breathe.

 Home Remedies To Treat Dry Cracked Feet

Oats and coconut oil

Create a natural foot scrub with oats and coconut oil. Mix the oats and some of the oil until a thick paste is created. Apply the paste on the feet and let it act for 10 minutes. Then wash your feet with cold water. Follow this routine every two days until you completely heal your parched feet.

Glycerin and coarse salt

Create a mixture of glycerin with coarse salt, a few drops of lemon and a little warm water. Soak your feet for 10 minutes and then exfoliate the skin with the help of a pumice stone. Wash and dry your feet. Follow this routine twice a week until you completely heal your parched feet.


Prepare an exfoliation with honey, apple cider vinegar and rice flour. Add the ingredients to create a thick paste. After washing your feet thoroughly, massage with this paste for a few minutes. When finished, wash your feet again with warm water. Follow this routine every two days until you completely heal your parched feet.

Homemade recipes to hydrate your feet

Banana with olive oil

Beat a ripe banana in the blender with a spoonful of olive oil or other vegetable oil of your choice. You will have a thick and creamy paste. Wash your feet, apply this paste on your feet and let it act for 15 minutes. Then wash your feet again with warm water and cold water alternately. Follow this routine daily.

Paraffin wax and coconut oil

Heat the paraffin wax with a little coconut oil to create a creamy paste. After removing the dead cells and dry skin, place this paste in the driest areas of the skin at the end of the day. Put on a pair of socks and go to sleep. Wash your feet the next day when you wake up. Follow this routine for two weeks to soften the dryness of your feet.

Vaseline with lemon

Before going to sleep, apply vaseline to your feet, put on a pair of socks, and sleep. Wash your feet the next day when you wake up. Another option is to mix vaseline with a few drops of lemon. Wash your feet, dry them and apply the mixture on your heels. Follow this routine daily.

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