During the past, the blog.shopwrinklecream.com web team has found articles that are commercial, commercial, and service. It’s against the policy of the web. The goal is to be the center of information on the true beauty. No ads and other hidden interests.

So the team is here to declare the rules of etiquette articles on the site as follows.

1. The web site does not allow members and readers to set or reply to the article strictly prohibited. Whether it is inviting. Or post a link to the web that sells products and services. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The team reserves the right to delete the article or comment immediately, unless the link is a link to a sales representative.

2. The web site reserves the right to remove any article related to the monarchy, politics, beliefs, or references to any person or topic that is likely to cause controversy. Both direct and indirect, without prior notice.

3. The web does not allow any vendor of any product or service. Write down the phone number or email in the article. In any case, if the team found that any member or reader violates the rules, the team reserves the right to delete posts or comments immediately without notice to you in advance.

4. In case the member has an online shop or personal business The web is private. But the web also reserves the right not to set up articles or leave comments in the trade as well. For example, ask for a phone number or email. From fellow members or other readers. They see that they can be prospective customers. Or even down the link or URL of your Web or Blog or Facebook in any article.

5. Due to the policy, we are concerned about your health. I hope the members know. Trusted Products Be certified in writing or tested by a trusted institution such as the FDA. Standards of research process. Inventory Including cleanliness in product packaging. Before selling to consumers in the market by the manufacturer. Opened in a reliable listed company. Can be contacted formally. Can claim damages. By the manufacturer. If the product may cause the user to irritate the skin, swelling, redness, itching, or harm. If you do not have the company and the review as mentioned. It is not appropriate to publish.The blog.shopwrinklecream.com team will remove your post from the site and hope you will be aware of the process of the site.

6. If members of the blog.shopwrinklecream.com web site take a picture of the message or article of another person (in case the image, text or article is an original image that the owner owns or writes), make an article in SistaCafe. The source must be clearly identified. And permission to the owner of the copyright. (If there is a case where the owner of the image, the article text needs to prosecute abuse. The copyright owner may be able to consent to the credit or may not consent. It is the right of discussion. blog.shopwrinklecream.com will not be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind. With the action of the members. So let’s learn together.)

7. In the event that blog.shopwrinklecream.com ‘s members use images of other people’s text or articles without rewriting And if the blog.shopwrinklecream.com team found it, ask permission to delete or cancel the article immediately. And if any prosecution is required, we will need to provide information to its members. With the staff without notice, blog.shopwrinklecream.com will not be responsible. With the action of the members. Let’s learn together.

8. The web is pleased if the member reviews products or create articles. If you do not agree with the rules of the Web. In case the member reviews or creates an article, please do not specify the name of the shop if the shop is not officially appointed by the product owner. It has been certified by a reliable institution. (See Rule 5), as it is a trading channel and if exchanged with the web. Or email the channel to buy. All rights reserved. To delete an article. You do not need to notify. It will be flexible as appropriate.

9. Other cases, if the web site found articles that are illegal or It’s wrong to aim the web. We will consider it as appropriate. And may or may not be clarified.

10. The website is not responsible for any incidents. Wrong of the conditions Or occurred by the event beyond the control capabilities of the team.

11. If you do not agree to or do not comply with any or all of the terms and take any damage to the user yourself against third parties Or with the website. Members shall be responsible for such actions and shall indemnify for damages. Expenses incurred, including legal fees and attorney fees.

blog.shopwrinklecream.com team members and readers, please follow the rules etiquette of this web site so that we will be a site full of real information and Without any hidden advertising issues and if the team found that any member or reader is still trying to violate the rules, the team reserves the right to revoke the membership.

If there are any rules of etiquette. More information will be shared by members.