Good makeup starts with the preparation of the skin. From careful cleaning to finishing here is perfect step by step Makeup tutorial. It is no secret to anyone that good makeup starts with the preparation of the skin. Following are some easy steps for Good Makeup.

1. Always prepare the skin 

Like all rituals, the first step is to ensure a clean and moisturized skin before beginning makeup. Sanitize it with Chronic Soft Cleaning Foam , bet on a tonic indicated for your skin type and protect it with the Chronos Multipurpose Fluid FPS 50 . This step helps in the best setting of the make products applied in the sequence.

2. Test the tone of the products on the face

We know that setting the tone of the products can be an arduous task, but this is the starting point for perfect skin . “Test the base where the skin is darker, always on the face – where there is a higher incidence of sun.If you are already wearing makeup, do the test in the lap and see if it disappears: that’s the right tone, “explains the makeup artist.

Check face type

3. Try to use fewer products

Although the sequence “base, corrective and powder” is quite common, it does not always apply to everyone. Mark indicates different combinations according to the type of skin:

  • Dry skin with dark circles: base and concealer.
  • Dry skin without dark circles: base only.
  • Oily skin without dark circles: only base and powder.
  • Oily skin with spots and dark circles: base, concealer and powder.


4. Shake the liquid products before use.

This indication applies mainly to serum products, which are usually biphasic and need to be mixed prior to application. The tip also applies to correctives, bases and other liquid products, thus ensuring a homogeneous result.

5. Use your hands to spread the base? Yes you can!

Get rid of the myth that putting the product in your hands can change its properties. So if you prefer, apply the base with your fingers for a homogenous coverage. It is worth remembering, however, that there is no absolute rule. If you want, go brush!

The secret to avoid any change in the formula of the base is actually in its conservation. Keep the product always closed after use and in a cool, moisture free place.

6. Dose the quantities on the back of the hand

Resist the temptation to apply all of the amount directly to the face, either base or concealer. Put the amount on the back of the hand and then, yes, take it to the skin dosed. This trick is great for avoiding a loaded result.

7. Bet on the base always!

The different types of base bring many possibilities and meet the needs of any makeup. It is the one that will guarantee that skin is natural and, at the same time, uniform. “The base comes first because it’s already half way through,” explains Marcos.

8. The concealer comes after the base

Concealer is one of the important part of step by step MAKEUP.  Once the skin is covered by the base, it is time for the corrective to take action. Start by depositing three drops of the product in the region of dark circles . With your fingertips, lightly tap it until it spreads completely and evenly tone the area with the rest of the face. If necessary, add more product until the desired result is achieved.

Use it to apply also on the sides of the nose, chin and on unwanted marquinhas.

9. Finish with powder

last STEP BY STEP MAKEUP is to apply powder. To seal the liquid and creamy textures that came before, the powder is a key item. With a brush of your own, spread a light coat of the product over the entire face, giving special attention to the T (forehead, nose and chin) region – which tends to become more oily .

10. Include in the routine products to boost the effects of make

For an even more efficient result, the specialist’s suggestion is to include treatment products in the beauty routine. This helps to take care of the skin from the inside out and protect it, for example from pollution, sun exposure and stress, which change its appearance. Experience the Revitalizing Concentrate , Chronos, which repairs daily damage, leaving the skin revitalized and radiant already in the first days of use.

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