Short Hair Styles 2019 | 100 Hairstyle Photos for All Type of Faces

Short Hair Styles 2019

The  Short Hair Styles are back with everything and promise to be trend in 2019. For this reason, we selected the most beautiful cuts for you to inspire and change the look. I also added some advantages of  short hair styles so you can take courage once and for all and innovate!

Short Hair Styles

Want to take the first steps in search of a cut to call yours? Then look at what we have separated for you:


How to choose the right short hair Style?

Choosing a HairStyle in a radical length requires a lot of certainty of what you want, after all the chances of repair in case of problems get greatly reduced. Therefore it is necessary to take some items into consideration:

  • Think about your style : If it is to radically change the look, think hard about what you want to do and if the new cut has to do with your taste and personality. After all, if it is to change, it has to be worth it;
  • Consider about your routine: Some types of short haircut require more care to maintain beauty and look good. So it is worth seeing if the cut you are thinking about requires care that is compatible with your time and mood. If your routine is running, it is worth thinking about what a beauty and practicality.
  • Think about your face features: The best tip is to choose a cut according to the shape of your face. In this way you can choose what enhances the qualities and conceals the imperfections of your facial features. Look:

Short hair Style for round face:

Short haircut for round face

Pictures of Short Haircut

Straight yarn cuts, no volume, with asymmetrical tips and long side fringe are great for those with round faces.

In the case of the fringe it is indicated either very long or very short: yes, two extremes because the middle fringe – of the height of the eyebrow – has the effect of widening the face and giving a “bolachudo” to the expression.


Short hair Style for Square face:

Short haircut for square face:

If you have square face, your best option is for a cut with volume, frayed and without fringe. In practice, it is a type of face that looks good with any kind of short cut, but this is the best chance to value your features.

Pictures of Short Hair Style For Square Face


Short hair Styles for Triangular face:

triangular face short hair styles

Just like the square face, the triangular face also looks great with short haircuts.

Pictures of Short Hairstyles for Triangular Face

The best possibility for him is a cut with a nape, but shorter at the height of the ear. This type of cut works the effect of symmetry and balance on the facial features.


Short hair Style for oval face

Straight cut, shredded, lightly armed effect and volume on the side are ideal for those who have oval face, because they give a rounder effect, not “licked.”

Pictures of Short Hair Style For Oval Face


Advantages of Having Short Hair:



Tired of spending hours and hours taking care of your hair? Then surely a short hair Styles will help a lot to solve this problem.

Of course this does not mean letting go of it: it will continue to require care to always be beautiful and healthy, but it will probably not take so much time out of your daily routine.


Marianna Feiteiro / Woman's Bag

Many people who wring their nose at the idea of ​​wearing a short haircut believe that it is not versatile with hairstyles for different occasions.

On the contrary: although its length may seem like an obstacle there are a number of things that can be done to leave the strands ready for the most diverse occasions.

Of course, there are fewer options than with long hair, but just have accessories, hair finalizers and also patience and willingness to solve the problem.

With a little creativity you can create visuals ranging from romantic, modern to vintage.


Disadvantages of having Short Hair:


This change in look may not be very advantageous if you feel very cold or close to a weather station in which the weather has lower temperatures. But nothing that can not be solved with hooded coats, scarves and hats.

Regularity in cut:


To keep the length of the threads and not lose the cut you need to be regularly in the salon. The time will depend on the cut you choose and how long your hair takes to grow, so listen to the hairdresser and try not to postpone those dates.

Depending on the length of the chosen cut, it will not be possible to lock them. In that case you will have to use cleats and cleats to keep the wires in place to avoid future bother with hair on the face.


Types of Short Haircuts – Photos Short Hair 2019

Still in doubt and want inspiration? Then leave us! Look what we have prepared:

Pixie Short Haircut

Pixie Short Haircut

Chanel Classic Hair Style

Asymmetrical Chanel Haircut


Bob Hair Style and Long Bob Haircut


Messy Hair


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