Mermaid Hairstyles Step by Step, How to do it!

Mermaid Hairstyles Step by Step

Having a mermaid hairstyles or MERMAID HAIR is the dream of today’s women and it is the latest trend in women fashion. Colored hair that attracts so much attention can be achieved after a process of discoloration  and toning that can be done with toners like keraton. You can try the mermaid hairstyles for short hair as well.

Besides the coloration, there is a less aggressive and also temporary form of making the  MERMAID HAIR that consists of the application of capillary extensions, that most of the times can be placed at home already if they are prey with tic-tac. These are called MERMAID HAIR EXTENTIONS .

Want to know how it is done every step by step to achieve the much-dreamed mermaid hair? And do not read this full post on MERMAID HAIR and learn how to do it besides being inspired by the incredible color photos and combinations.

How to Make Mermaid Hair steps by step:

To make mermaid hairstyles, you can follow the following mermaid hairstyles step by step tutorial. If you wish to make the mermaid on the whole head, it is necessary to spread the bleach through all the threads.

Want to learn how to make mermaid hair? Then see the step by step below:

  • Step 1 – Before doing the transformation it is necessary to make a test in a shake of the hair, because it is necessary to remove all the pigmentation of the wires. If they are very thin and sensitive they can break damaging the ends;
  • Step 2 – After the test performed, if the hair accepts, you need to discolor all the hair. The ideal is to look for a salon and do with a qualified professional in order to avoid stains;
  • Step 3 – After the discolored hair apply the desired color or colors. You choose the one you like best and paint the locks starting at the root; – For this you can use keraton which is without ammonia and damages less than a permanent dye or still aniline.
  • Step 4 – After leaving the necessary time, according to what indicates the product you can take the excess and wash the hair;
  • Step 5 – apply a good quality treatment cream, leave on for a few minutes and rinse. Your mermaid hair is ready.

How to Make Mermaid Hair Extensions

The other way of doing mermaid hair is through the use of hair extensions. Which can be purchased colored or discolored for coloring. In you are using hair extensions at home, it is necessary that they be made of natural hair.

Japanese fiber hair should already be purchased colored.  They can not be painted since the paint does not stick on the wire.


Photos and Mermaid Hair Ideas to Inspire:

Mermaid hairs are trend, more and more women are sticking to the new look. Here are some ideas we have selected to inspire you:

Rainbow Mermaid Hairstyles  – Colorful

Mermaid Hairstyles in Pink, Green & Blue

Mermaid HairStyles Ombré & Two Colors

To make mermaid hair and achieve a more lasting color, you should use the right products of appropriate brands for this type of procedure. Some famous brands are KERATON, Color Extend Magnetics, Redken, L’Oréal Professionnel, Colorful Hair.

In order for the color to stay longer it is important not to wash daily, as the pigmentation comes out with each wash. To finalize the hair use a thermal protector of great quality, as it will leave your hair more protected from the elements and will get much brighter.

Using the right products you can adopt full-color fantasies without harming your hair.

You learned that how to make mermaid hairstyles step by step and also know which products to use best. You can make the change safely and peacefully without harming the hair strands.

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