20 Best Home Remedies for Earache Effective for Adults & Children

Home Remedies for Earache

In this article is i will share some home remedies for earache. As ear is a very sensitive part of your body therefore it is important to mention here that you must consult with your doctor in case of shear earache. The treatment for ear pain will depend on what is causing the pain. Therefore, only a trained specialist can tell you which treatment is most appropriate for your case.

What is the Earache?

Burning sensation and constant headache are just a few signs that can indicate an earache . Ear inflammation is a very common problem, especially in children, and it affects people in different ways.

Structure of the ear

You can divide the ear’s structure into three parts.

  • The outer
  • Middle 
  • Inner parts

External ear is made of ears and external auditory canal. This layer is responsible for sound amplification, guiding the sound to the eardrums, known as external otitis.

Middle part of ear is formed by a chamber. It is located in the inner part of temporal bone of the skull. Where there is the hammer, anvil and strabismus, small articulated bones. It allows the sounds to picked up by eardrum to be routed to outer ear. If pain occurs in this region is called otitis media.

In this end, there is the inner ear. It is formed by labyrinth. This organ is responsible for balance and which transforms sound stimuli into nerve impulses. Then it deciphered as sounds by the brain.

What are the most common causes of ear pain

Ear pain (Earache) can affect both ears at once or just one ear. The most common reasons for ear pain includes:

  • Some fluid that has settled inside the ear canal, such as water or cosmetics
  • A boil or infected hair follicle in the ear canal
  • Infection of the ear canal outside the eardrum (external otitis)
  • Injury to the ear canal from objects such as swabs or sharp objects
  • Blockages in the ear caused by plaques of wax or objects pushed through the ear canal
  • Throat and cold infections can be reason for earache
  • Allergies in the respiratory tract, or infections such as rhinosinusitis.


Do not use anything in the ear unless a doctor has seen and prescribed it before. This practice of putting oils or even medicines into ear drops can be dangerous. In case if the eardrum is perforated then a doctor can check the situation. Seek medical advice if pain does not go away within a few days.

The Best Home Remedies for Earache

There are some useful and save home remedies are available for earache.

  1. Some ear otolaryngologist suggest an easy and effective home remedy for ear pain. It is more practical and effective of all that is “make hot water compress at the pain site”. Although this technique does not help to treat inflammation but it will help to relieve the pain. When you notice the first signs of ear pain it is essential to seek a general practitioner or an otolaryngologist to receive appropriate treatment.
  2. Use onion to put on effected area, it can help in the inflamed place. The onion is antiseptic and antibacterial, which makes it very effective for relieving ear pain. Just chop a fresh onion and put it on a clean cloth. Then place them under the ear. Apply this for at least five minutes. You can be repeate it several times a day.
  3. Placing a warm cloth against the affected ear helps relieve the pain.
  4. You can use ginger for earache. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties is also useful in cases of ear infections. In addition, it is also a very effective analgesic. It includes in one of best home remedies for earache in case if you has a very strong pain. The best way to use the root to deflate and relieve the pain is by applying three drops of the ginger juice in the region and covering with a cotton ball. In a few minutes you will notice its calming effect.
  5. Apply mint tea to the inflammation

  6. Insert a cotton swab with the alcohol in the inflamed area
  7. Put drops of oil in the ignition. The olive oil can act as a natural lubricant, which is very good for relieving earaches. Also it can help to eliminate all kinds of existing infection related to ear.
  8. Apply chamomile tea to the swollen ear.
  9. Garlic has a great analgesic and antibiotic power. It can relieve ear pain quickly, especially if the cause of ear pain is of an infection. The garlic based home remedies for earache are very simple to prepare. You can simply saute a garlic pounded with two tablespoons of sesame oil, strain and filter the oil. When it is completely cold, use three drops on the affected ear.
  10. The licorice is very well known element used for treating earache. To try this home remedy for ear pain, just warm up a little of the herb in two tablespoons of butter until forming a paste. Then apply on the outside (around the ear). The paste should be warm and may remain in the region until the pain has subsided.
  11. Squeeze a lemon and soak cotton in the juice. Put this cotton in the ear entrance and leave for 10 minutes before lying down.
  12. Boil a handful of oregano leaves and half a cup of water for three minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Strain and pour into a dropper. Apply three drops to the sore ear.earache orangeo leaves
  13. Put some chamomile in boiling water. Wait for it to cool and, with the aid of a cotton swab, moisten it and place it in the entrance of the ear, covering it without pressing. The compress will help relieve the pain.
  14. Stream: In a pan with boiling water, put a few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil. To begin with, position yourself near the pan. so that your ear receives steam and covers your head with a towel. This procedure is very effective in treating infections caused by obstruction of the auditory tube. To increase its effectiveness, cover the ear with a little cotton to allow it to absorb more moisture and heat. If you do not have the oils mentioned, just do it with the steam, which will also work.
  15. The young leaves of the hose contain a juice that is very effective for treating ear infections. Cut and knead some leaves until you get juice.Then dab it a bit and drip a few drops into the infected ear. You would have felt immediate relief.
  16. If you suffer from excessive moisture in the ear, this is the best solution: heat a handful of salt in a small pot (or microwave) for five minutes, place it on a clean cloth and wrap as a package. After cold, place the “packet” over the ear so that it can absorb excess moisture from the ear.Alternatively, rice may also be used as a dehumidifying pad.
  17. Herbal extracts can be found to buy online and in some pharmacies. Droplets of these extracts can be as effective as traditional remedies for the ears and do not require a prescription.
  18. Chiropractic:  is used for treatments of the nervous system, muscular system and bones. But in addition to relieving back pain, it can also relieve ear pain. One study found that 93% of participants had improvement after this type of treatment, and 43% of them had only one or two sessions.
  19. Some sleeping positions aggravate the pain of ear infections. And some may help relieve it. Sleep with the affected ear up, instead of pressing it on the pillow. Or put extra pillows so the head gets higher, which helps drain faster.

Does putting cotton with alcohol help decrease ear pain?

The use of cotton wool with alcohol to relieve ear pain is a homemade recipe used by many people. By applying the substance, it helps the fluid in the ear to evaporate, relieving the sensation of pain and clogging.

However, experts warn of the risk of using alcohol in the ear, which may end up compromising the ear canal.


Yes, that’s right. Getting distracted and doing something nice that takes away the focus of pain is effective for children and adults. A movie, a book, a relaxing bath are some of the options that will help you to forget the earache. Many ear infections go away by themselves in about a week or two, with symptoms beginning to improve after a few days. However, in the case of children under two years old it is important to consult a doctor to follow up on the problem.

Final Words:

Natural home remedies for earache are very easy to prepare. You can prepared them with products that we usually have in our kitchen. Being natural products is not common to generate side effects.

It is warned earlier, care must be taken not to use all the remedies at once. Choose what is most convenient for you, if it does not work, prepare another and try it.

If none of these home remedies to relieve ear pain suffice, seek a specialist right away because the problem may be more delicate than it looks and require some specialized treatment.


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