The Best Hair Colors for Black Women

The Best Hair Colors for Black Women

In this article you will find Popular Choices of Hair Colors for Black Women. You will also learn which hair color suit you best. Unlike what was long preached there, black women can wear any hair color. What will make difference to one tone look more natural than the other is the way it will use the colors in the strands. To make your life easier, let’s bring lots of tips and pictures so you know the best way to bet on each key.

Black women should abuse the warm, illuminating tones that marry completely with their skin tone. They will highlight your traits and qualities. Shades of gold, copper, chocolate are excellent choices for creating a harmonic frame.

Still, if they prefer, they can use colder tones like grayish blonde. The secret is to invest in these shades only with strands and not in the whole hair. Another artifice is to use the ombre hair style, leaving the natural root, and only tonalizing the length and ends of the hair.

Light brown

The perfect choice of hair color for black women! Whether it’s chocolate tone with lighter tips, a golden brown or even a natural brown with just a few lighter strands, it’s always a hit! The so-called babylights, which are symmetrical wicks and thin throughout the length of the wires, also create a devastating result.


The shades of red drawn to copper, acaju and eggplant are great hair color choices for black women. They leave the look strong and sensual with harmony and without regret for the exaggeration. If you prefer, you can make only contour strands , which illuminate specific points of the face, asymmetrically and naturally, usually in front to create a beautiful frame for the face.


The totally black hair, when toned, is usually very striking. In the case of black women, they can be reassured because the result is not artificial. The important thing is to take care of the color does not fade and to keep always shiny and hydrated. If you want to break the tone a bit, invest in Californians who mix several shades of brown and eggplant just at the tips.


Leave the natural root and work different shades of laurel on the length and ends of the strands. But can you have a grayish blond? Of course you can! You need to have personality and style to support that look. But I guarantee it will be a shock! If you want to be more discreet, mix with the golden blond. Whether it’s straight hair, curly hair or curly hair, you’ll seal it!

Keep your wires healthy

Regardless of the color you choose for your hair, it is important to always keep them healthy. Tincture and chemistry always end up damaging the softness and hydration a little, so you can not neglect.

Make a deep hydration at least once a month and turbine your regular conditioner with ampoules of keratin and vitamin A or E. Coconut oil is also always welcome to enhance the shine and softness.

If your wires are still opaque and weak, invest in a good capillary schedule program . You do a simple porosity test of your wires and invest in a four-week calendar that replaces hydration, nutrition and reconstruction treatments. In a short time you will notice the results.

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