6 Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water for Your Life

6 Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water for Your Life

Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water is one of the newer trend in heath. Many people want to learn about Alkaline water is water that has been ionized. This post is about Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water.

Why Alkaline water?

The alkaline water can contribute many benefits to our health. To understand this concept we need to know about acid and alkali, i.e. acid base balance. It is essential for our body to maintain a blood pH between 7.35 to 7.45 for healthy lifestyle. The human body as a great machine that needs to produce energy to function, it needs to consume electrons. .  The simplest proton is H+. At pH the amount of protons (H+ ions) is measured. The more protons we have, the lower the pH and more acidity. When our body spends energy, we consume electrons. We have excess protons, and our body acidifies .

Therefore, we need to eliminate this excess of  acid  that is harmful to  health  and that is increasingly present in the current lifestyle. This is done through the urine, when we eliminate  uric acid , through respiration, when we eliminate  carbon dioxide  in the form of CO2, through the stomach when we eliminate  hydrochloric acid  and through perspiration. So we are a big machine that produces energy (consuming electrons) and a big machine to eliminate  acids.

After the discovery, several experts began to study the characteristics of this water and concluded the various benefits it can provide.

Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

1. More Hydrated Cells

Ionized water has a much higher hydration power than ordinary water. Because it clumps in clusters of 6 molecules (hexagonal clustering), making the nutrients reach the cells more easily. Also making it easier to remove toxic waste of cellular metabolism.

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